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Water Jet Cutting: Glass.

JetCut has the ability to cut glass of any thickness up to 130mm and in intricate patters or simple profiles.

Fleur de Lys, glass inset in slate tile | Logo, Stainless Steel inset in Granite tile | Simple wave effect cut on tiles | Thistle logo, coloured glass set in Aluminium

Glass is a strong but brittle substance that used to be difficult to machine. Even small scratches on the surface can lead to breaking and shearing. Traditional diamond "cutting" in fact involves making a small scratch on the surface and then snapping the glass along the line created.

The waterjet solution is to pierce the glass at low pressure, and then switch to a higher pressure to cut along the toolpath. The speed of the tool path is also adjusted to avoid problems that are associated with brittle materials. This allows for much more ambitious designs to be undertaken.

These are examples of what can be used as part, or all, of any floor or wall display. Indeed stand alone, or purely ornamental displays can be created. Any metals, glass, stone and plastics can be combined to your design to create that wow factor logo or display, whether it be in the office, entrance lobby or simply in your new bathroom.

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