Water Jet Cutting Technology: 60mm Sandstone slab | 20mm Aluminium end plate | Fleur de Lys, glass tile

The Process

Cutting your parts using laser or abrasive waterjet is straightforward:

  • Material is positioned on the cutting table slats and secured
  • A .DXF file of the desired part is loaded into the operating console (this drawing file can be sent by you simply by email, or we can generate this for you)
  • The starting and stopping points and the sequence of the cut or cuts is selected by the operator using the software.
  • The material type and thickness is entered into the controller. Feed rates and cutting speeds are automatically calculated, depending on the geometry of the part. The cutting speed can be altered for parts that will require additional machining, through to finished parts off our machine.

We're ready to cut, and make the part to tolerances of around +/- 0.1mm for Laser Profiles and +/- 0.2mm for Water Jet Cut profiles.

Technology: Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is a technology which uses a laser to cut metal (steel & aluminium to a high degree of  accuracy (+/- 0.1mm) and at high speed. Laser cutting works by focussing the output of a high power laser, controlled by a CNC computer, onto the metal. The metal then either melts, burns, vaporises or is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving an edge with a high quality surface finish. JetCut’s laser equipment is specifically designed for flat sheet material from 0.5mm to 20mm thick and from sheet sizes up to 3000x1500mm.

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting technology The beauty of abrasive waterjet: perfect curves, complex joints, seamless combinations of materials. Waterjet cutting helps unlock the design potential of many materials.

Aerospace to Architecture. Electrical Engineering to Tiling. Precision Engineering to Landscape Gardening. Food processing to Interior Design From Gaskets to Glass. Whatever your industry or application, we have the experience and technology to cut for you.

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