Water Jet Cutting: Tiles

JetCut is now recognized as Scotland’s expert for cutting and scoring tiles.

Cutting Tiles

Our water jet cutting equipment can accurately resize tiles as well as cutting holes, letters, shapes or designs into tiles giving a high quality finish. We regularly deal with tiles made from ceramics, porcelain, marble, granite and slate as well as other types of stone.

Scoring Tiles

JetCut has developed the technique of accurately scoring tiles to a depth of 1mm to 2mm therefore giving the opportunity to add grout lines to plane tiles.

Mosaic Patterns

JetCut also has the capability of designing and cutting decorative mosaics and patterns. We offer this unique bespoke design and cutting service to commercial clients as well as to the general public. A client can select a pattern from our developing range or commission a bespoke design to suit their requirements.