About Jet Cut

JetCut is a precision cutting engineering company established in 2005 & based in Glengarnock, Ayrshire, 14 miles to the south of Glasgow Airport, Scotland.

Jetcut is Scotland’s leading Laser, Plasma and Water Jet cutting bureau service.
The investment needed to provide a laser, plasma and waterjet cutting facility is significant, and is usually only available inhouse to companies working in sectors which frequently make use of the technology, like the aerospace or marine exploration industries.

Now Scottish manufacturers, engineers, fabricators, machine shops, interior designers, architects, artists, shop-fitters and many others for whom laser and water jet cutting may be less frequently used, but extremely valuable, also have access to our facility.

Jetcut has both Laser and Water Jet machines, therefore we can offer the most appropriate and/or economic technology for your profile cutting requirements.

Jetcut is established to handle prototype and small volume jobs through to large scale production.